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Hello, welcome to my blog, here I will put up information about up coming school events and whatever i think will be of your interest and of mine :)



Happy New Year, to anyone that reads my blog, it's now 2012, any new yearr revolutions? Well, I son't have any, yet, but I'm sure i can come up with some. So now it's 2012, there is obviously a lot to be getting excited about because of the Olympics, I don't know if people watched the New Years countdown, but before the actual countdown, they showed highlights of 2011, one of them was obviously the picking of which country will hold the olympics, which was jsut picking out of a hat. Another was, Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part II, the other moments I don't remember. I need to get a 2012 calendar, to hang up, but i don't have one yet, and beginning to think that i will never get one, but that doesn't matter. What I did get was a Simon's Cat 2012 planner. If you don't know what simon's cat is, I'll put up some videos of it in the Video section. But for now Goodbye!


I didn't actually update anything during the half term holiday. I was too busy and i wanted to have all the free time i could, so i didn't do much blogging. Oh well, it was so annoying this week, we go all our test results back, I'm pleased with my grades, but we still have a pile of homework, and I have to put that up, as well as this hilarious video I found, which i will put up in my videos section and will go under 'Young Justice'. This is the name of the cartoon that is based around this music video, parody type of thing. I really suggest that if you don't really know what young justice is, or much about the justice league then just listen to the song from the video. Also just a note, if you are reading this and you are an actual friend of mine and now me, email me if you like Florence and the machine, then please email, my email is at the top of the page, but here it is anyway-

So that's all i have to say, if you need the homework, for the weekend it's up, and I'm putting up some new videos in the video section, so go check that out to!


I'm not very consistent with updating my blog, but now it's half term! Yay!!! Well it's only two weeks, but it's better than nothing. Since we got BT infinity which was around 2 weeks ago, it wasn't working on my computer very well, but now it is. So i should be back to my normal ways, so i'm going to do my updates more. I'm going to put up a Coldplay music video in the video section, it's for their new song 'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall', it has a great tune but that's just my opinion! So today, I'm gonna talk about how plans. So you know sometimes you think about something, and it's like a lightbulb was turned on over your head, this might be a plan for something such as a product, song, painting etc. Sometimes you wake up and think, "I know what i'm going to do today!" Then you go off write it all down then set times down, but then one things shifts and it's like the butterfly effect. (If you don't know what that is, Google it, but don't click on a link for the movie.)So it's like the Butterfly effect, everythings shifts,'cause you didn't do something in the right time frame. But it's never going to be life threatening, you probably won't change the course of time you would just have to change your timetable slightly.(unlike in Dr Who, when Donna decides not to go to her interview, so she takes a different turn and never meets the Doctor.) That's all for today on that though, i was going to do a movie review on a Harry Potter film, not sure which one. Now I'm going to talk about this weeks Naruto chapter, which was, in two words. Mind blowing. I mean, if you haven't read it but are about don't ready any further, if you really don't know what i'm talking about do whatever you like, but i mean, we just found out who Kabuto's trump card was in the war (yeah there's a war!)It's confusing cause this guy, Sawyer7mage on youtube had this theory about who Tobi/The man in the mask/Madara was, i'll put the link afterwarsds, and vid in the videos page. He had this theory that made me think, 'hmm, clever.' Now i think it is clever. You have to watch to find out the theory, but what's so mind blowing about this chapter is the fact that Madara was the trump card. But the guy behind the mask is meant to be Madara, so who's the dude behind the mask? :S We just need to wait another week, but i kinda gave up on the anime, cause it's jsut fillers, boring :'( . OK now that's it, c ya next time! (well i won't actually c u)

P.S. For the Videos just go to the videos section...


Wow! I haven't done my blog in a long time, it's kind of close to a month. Well being in year 8 is hard (kind of) when i get home i get to watch like 'Fringe' or 'ER' or some other TV programme that lasts around 45 minutes, and when that minute hands strikes the 6 showing it's half past, i lug my bag up the stairs, (that's tough work). When i enter my room I immediately turn on my radio, just hopimng to get a snippet of a good song before my radio decidec to start having a mental breakdown every 2 seconds (it's ridiculous) in the end I'm either using my phone or my ipod to support my musical needs whilst doing homework. Sometimes i don't even get to do all my homework, but sometimes i do, it depends if i need to have a shower, or if i'm just worn out from an amazingly hard day! Then sometimes being the doppy person i am sometimes i leave my homework at home! It's so infuriating, luckily that has only happened twice, so not to bad she also said if you just hand in the homework the next day she might not even notice it was late! Which is quite funny and i don't leave my homework at home on purpose! Tell me what you think, if ur life hard and sometimes you wonder how you get all that homework done!


As you may have noticed i have now been keeping up a bit more with my blog, before it was mainly 1 a week if a remembered but now since i have been on holiday i have been updating my blog more often, I am also now writing longer blogs, before i just wrote a setence and then put a little emoticon at the end, like a smiley face. But now I'm getting used to the habit of writing more, finding a topic to write about. Today I don't have a topic to talk about but i'm just saying how i have changed my way updating my website and how i have put a lot more effort into it than before, when i just left the blog, or didn't put up what the homework was.


Hello, so if you watch ER or The Good Wife, so in The Good Wife it's about these Lawyers, so the main charecter, i don't know her name but she's also in ER and she's a nurse, but still a main charecter. So now if i watch The Good Wife, i can only think of her as nurse Hatheaway not as a Lawyer, so it's so strange. But i guess that's what acting is about, it's about portraying a different charecter. Also a Dr in ER is also in Dr Who, this surgen/Dr is River Song, who plays a key part in Dr Who, but considering ER is very old and it is no longer an ongoing show i guess they don't really expect people to remember them being in an old Doctors show. I know that not many people may understand what i mean, but what i'm saying is that, a Harry Potter example is, you don't usually see the people that play in Harry Potter in other movies, their main acting carrier is in Harry Potter, which is now over, becuase it's finished. So yeah that's all from me today, see ya!


Okay now i'm doing some bloging, bear with me I'm kind of bored and i'm just listening to Youtube so i thought i'd write something up. So i haven't really told anyone this and the only people that know are the people in my class and my form tutures cause it's really embarassing and i had a lot of nerve to do what i did. So at school we were asked to do this presentation to our class on who we admire. So my friend did Martin Luther King, one did Ghandi, my cousin did Albert Einstein. All these great people that made a difference in the world. I was stupid and I did Masashi Kishimoto, the guy that writes Naruto, the most well known name in the manga world, his books sell like crazy, and if you add up all the sales of any manga Naruto beats them all. This guy has an amazing skill,one that i have very little of, so i can draw, but nothing compared to this guy. Some people look at it and they just shrug it off, it's amazing, so it's not like comics with all the colours and the detail, but sure does it make up for it other catagories. Like the plot, intense and emotional, charecters amazing and funny. Now when i did my presentation, my teacher asked me is it like Harry Potter, now if you look at my next paragraph i've written about Harry Potter, but when this question entered my mind i processed it and thought. Well it is in the sense that they have like powers, but they don't have wands and when you think about it if you're a Naruto fan you're scraming in you're head. 'What NO! How can you think that!'But i mean i don't blame anyone who says, if they haven;t experienced it they're just going by what you've said. Now when i was doing this my cousin was sitting in her seat having a laughing fit, but trying to be descreet, because for i her she probably thought, 'Wow!' and 'LOLs.' But what i did was gutsy, i put the truth out there, but i felt so embarassed!

So now this is blog is about Harry Potter if you don't like Harrt Potter leave or go witness my video page.Now when i said if you don't like Haryy Potter leave, some people think 'What but how can someone not like Harry Potter!' I know right how, i don't know. But I remember at school there was a discussion is Harry Potter is better than the Twilight Saga. So a few months ago i would been like well Twilight's better. Now i could not disagree with myself more, Harry Potter's about fighting for what's good, for standing for something right and fighting in a war, whilst Twilight is how important it is to have a boyfriend. I don't hate Twilight but i like Harry Potter a lot more, and i just found out that ITV were only playing the first 5 movies on Saturday, which annoys me cause i'm one of those children who has just had their eyes opened up to the magical amazing world of Harry Potter just a few years ago. Now i have a question who's your favourite teacher, i have 3 Professor McGonnagall, Dumbledore and Professor Lupin event thought he isn't a teacher anymore but he was good and McGonnagall rocks. Email me what you think cause that would be awesome to now what other people like aswell. I have put up the link to an amazing video just below just click the title (the blue wording), see ya.

Amaazing video-[Harry Potter] This is War - Battle of Hogwarts



I put up my review of Sucker Punch today, and there is also the trailer there if you got to the Movie reviews page! It's the first review i've done for my website. Yesterday/Today(but at midnight) i played spastic chess. It's so fun, you can play with someone at home or online, i did it on the computer with my brother. It's like chess but you don't take turns, anyone moves whenever they want, so it mimics a real battle, because that's what chess is normally doing, but in a battle, you don't wait for your enemy to move you just move. In a real fight you don't wait for who's going to make the first move, you just move, or run into a full frontal attack with blood and guts (that's what would happen in a war.)I recommend it if you like chess, but some people might just like there traditional way of playing chess but this is fin if you just want to mess around, if you're too serious about chess i don't recommend it, because then you may debate that you lost because it's not real chess and that would just be being a sore loser.

Spastic Chess site-


Hello there, so yesterday i didn't do a blog, and i don't want to do vlogs, cause well i'll just mess up probably and i don't have a good mic, that's one reason another is what would i do it on? So i'm going to see whether i should or shouldn't put up my video for youtube, it would be mainly for the anime community of youtube, but others could watch it and think it's kinda strange. But i do have a recommended Naruto video, that i will put up in Videos. I haven't seen many movies this holiday, so i might write up a review on Sucker Punch, which was a movie i really liked, it had a very strong feeling of feminism and being a rebel, even though what they were rebeling against was wrong, i recommend it(rated 12.)


Disaster so i just checked and i realized, oh i didn't publish my blog, or video links, hmm that's strange. So i just on and i upload it again, refresh my internet page oh it's the same, wait WHAT. I just realized i had written my blog, put up a video in videos and i hadn't saved it! So i can't be bothered to write out my blod again and i can't remember it word for word, so here i am writing random stuff. But i'm hoping somewhere out there is someone reading this if you are, email me you can email me at If you do email me i will probably reply unless it's spam, so thank you for taking your time to read this and have a good day.


Today was a boring day and disapointing, not much really happened but i went to brent cross in search of skinny jeans, causei had a pair, then it was like they just vanished into thin air. Now i'm going to buy them from uniqlo, i was debating whether i should get dark blue, black or a faded black. Thinking of faded black, i need to watch that Bleach Movie Fade to black, for people who don't watch anime you'll know bleach as a cleaning product which you shouldn't consume in any way shape or form! People bleach their hair and it becomes white or just faded. Kinda like this...

Yeah he looks crazy, maybe that's what happens to you if you bleach your hair, say goodbye to sanity and hello to insanity. This dude in the picture is from the show Bleach that's why he's a good example!


Big day for year 12's when they get their AS results. Woke up this morning from the strangest dream ever, I dreamed i was at Hogwarts does make me crazy or a geek, i dunno, all i know is that i fell off my broom in my dream when i was having a lesson, luckily i didn't die, that's that i didn't die in the dream. Today or tomorrow i'm going to post a Youtube video of Naruto using the song Hallelujah by Paramore. It would mean a lot to me if you watched it before it's taken down by youtube! I hope to write another blog entry tomorrow! See ya, well i won't actually see you, but yeah!