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This is where i will put up what i think of some movies, i'll review give them a rating and then you can email me with feed back on what you thought about the movie!

Sucker Punch Review

When Babydoll's mother dies all she has left with her is her sister, who her step father kills in a fit when he finds out that the mother left all her possesions to her two daughters. The father calls the police and locks her away in an assylm for the mentally ill. With the little chance of escaping maybe she can do it in her mind. Babydoll (Emily Browning)can escape with her friends by breaking free in her imagination, but with the things she needs, who says there are no consequences?

I would give this movie an 4/5, I liked the strong feminism,it shows a sense of standing for what you believe in and it shows a sense that if you really are that determined then things can work out. As well as feminism we have rebeling, they're breaking free and fighting back.One thing that i didn't like was some of the outfits, i found them a bit too skimpy.Now speaking of outfits if you watch this movie and you know your anime then you'll see that Babydoll has a type of school-girl outfit or abit of a Sailor Moon outfit, plus she has a samurai sword, can't get more japanese than that can you.

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