I mainly develop in Objective C for the iOS platform. If you have an iOS device such as an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone you can download some of my apps off of the app store. Further details of my applications, including screenshots, can be found below.

For support with any of apps provided by Tawfiq Hamid Productions please email me at: tawfiqhapps@gmail.com


iSudoku-Solver (2015)


The iSudoku-Solver is a universal app that runs on both iPad, iPad mini and iPhones of all screen sizes.

The app is designed to help people who are solving sudoku puzzles, perhaps in the local paper, and want to be able to check their solutions or just find the correct solution to their puzzle.

The app features an empty sudoku grid which the user may fill in with the values they have for their sudoku. The user then simply presses "Solve Grid" and the app quickly calculates values that satisfy the remaining cells.

iSudoku-Solver also validates the input before solving the grid and if the values entered do not satisfy the constraints of a Sudoku grid, iSudoku-Solver will display a message to the user and request valid input before continuing.

Cross Platform RSA encryption app (2012)

As an academic exercise I have documented and created a cross platform implementation of the RSA encryption scheme, The app is complete with an easy to navigate user-interface and implements simple key management on iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as on OS X. Additionally an Android app has been prototyped in Java.

Due to the use of complex encryption within the application it has not yet been uploaded to the App store but the project report, complete with screenshots and descriptions of the appliation being run, can be found here. The report.

The above screenshots were taken from the OS X app written natively in Objective-C.

Boolean Algebra Teaching Tool (2012)

I created a Boolean algebra teaching tool for iOS that helps to teach the subject of Boolean Algebra to A-Level students or other students wishing to study basic Boolean algebra semantics. The application incorporated 3 main parts:

The application treats simpler to mean a Boolean equation that is shorter in length and aims to identify a few basic structures within the tree that can be simplified. These include structures such as double-negation and instances of DeMorgan's law.

I have not released the application for general download but a report on the design process, complete with screenshots and code listings can be found here.

Equation simplifier:

Teaching tools:


A testing tool:


iMT Wallpapers and URL Shortening (2011)

As part of the young enterprise scheme in the UK i was involved in a small company called iMT. We made websites, apps and offered smart phone training to small businesses. Our company has since been liquidated but you can still download our app to see what it was all about and get some free wallpapers.

If you like our app and want to have your own iPhone or iPad app, contact me at tawfiqhApps@googlemail.com with your ideas and I can make an app for either yourself based on an idea you have, or a promotional app for your company. App prices start at about £1500.

BeecherMadden (2011)

As part of the company I was involved in, iMT, I made an app for a London based recruitment firm called Beecher Madden. Beecher Madden is a niche global recruitment business, that works in collaborative partnership with the industry to source and select talent for their global clients.

The app featured links to Beecher Madden's website and Twitter feed as well as information about the company and a link to the company's job board. The app was also complete with a contact form for users seeking to engage with the company and apply for jobs.

iTorch (2010)


The iTorch has three main modes of operation:

In the first mode, the iTorch lights the screen up in a bright colour so that it can be used as a torch. This is especially useful for early devices and iPads that don't feature a hardware torch.

In the 2nd mode, which is a little wacky, tilting the device changes the colour displayed on screen! Try shaking it for optimal effect!

The 3rd and final mode, turns the whole screen into a strobe light with variable speed and colour which can lead to some funky results!

iTorch is a universal app designed to work on all screen sizes of iOS device.

iRollDice (2010)

A dice roller for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iRollDice supports 6 type of dice:







D10 rolls numbers 0 to 9.

iRollDice is useful for simulating random dice rolls, perhaps for certain board-games or other table-top based games. The app uses a seeded random number generator to ensure results with good variation. iRollDice also supports shake to roll, and has an accompanying table which displays the results of the last few dice rolls and has a button to reset the table of results.