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Databases - DBMS

DBMS - We use it for efficiency, handling large data, integrity, access control, concurrent access, data independence.

Conceptual and semantic - UML

Logical Model - trees & graphs

Physical Model - indexing, clustering

Deletion of a required item:

  1. Delete dependent fields, cascade.
  2. Reject deletion.
  3. Change dependent field to default.

A schema describes valid instances.

Safety equivalences

Extended ADOM, also allows constants.
ADOM RC– = ADOM RC with no constants ADOM RC is safe.

ADOM RC– = RA = All safe queries.

ADOM RC = RA (without consts) = Safe RC without constants.

SQL with subqueries = RA = ADOMRC = SafeDRC

AdomRC ⊆ RA ⊆ DRC

Relation Algebra


P(R(col-->col2, col3-->col3'), expr);
Calculate expr, rename the result to R, and rename columns as specified.


Create table table_name(


Foreign key target is a primary key or unique.

Storage and hardware

Data is on pages in disk.
We retrieve pages.


Estimated Result sizes

col = value Rf = 1 / NVals(col)

col = col2 Rf = 1 / Max(NVals(col), NVals(col2))

col > value Rf = High(I) - value / High(I) - Low(I)

B+ Trees


Insert and push up if too full.


Delete and steal from siblings if need be.
If they don't have spare capacity; merge.

Join implementations

Simple Nested Loop Join.

Page Oriented Nested Loop Join.

Block Nested Loop Join.

Index Nested Loop Join.

Sort-Merge Join.

Hash Join.


Serial schedule : No interleaving of transactions.

Serialisable: equivalent to a serial schedule.

Equivalence: On the same input, give the same output database for a set of xacts. then two schedules are equivalent.

Conflict serialisable

A conflict is a read/write sequence (where at least one action is a write), by different transactions on the same object.

Schedules are conflict equivalent if they deal with the same actions, and conflicts appear in the same order.

Conflict serialisable if conflict equivalent to a serialisable schedule.

Strict 2PL

Shared Lock - Needed to read.
Exclusive Lock - Needed to write.

Deadlock prevention

Conflict graph - wait for graph. Transactions are nodes. Precedence/waiting is an edge.